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About Us

Our Family owns AAA Superior Pest Control, LLC. We are currently licensed and  registered in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to provide pest control services. From Restaurants to Club's and Hotels, we service some of the oldest and most famous, high-end places in the tri-state region. Our Technicians are State Licensed and Certified and are trained to be the best in the industry. It all comes down to two things: 1) We care about our reputation. 2) We care about the reputation of our clients. Our trademark is "Protecting, people, property...and reputations!" and we mean it!

One of the reasons our Pest Management Company has such a good reputation is that we get the job done correctly. Our work is of the highest standard.  We provide the needed information, training and support for your facility to ensure it remains pest free. We have a division called Systematic Cleaning Services Inc. that provides full service Hood Cleaning, High Pressure Drain Jetting, degreasing and degunking as well as general kitchen sanitation and maintenance. Our other company, ThermaFume Corp., offers thermal remediation services for the eradication of bed bugs. We also offer canine inspections for pinpointing the location of bed bug infestations. Call us if you are in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, PA)  for a free price quote!

We created our site PROFLYCONTROL.COM  to offer a full line of products that will help you get rid of your flies, help with the process of bed bug extermination, help you clean your kitchen and drains, treat your grease trap and save you money. THE CLEANER YOU MAINTAIN YOUR KITCHEN THE FEWER PEST PROBLEMS YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE!!  We also provide free consulting services to our Clients. We can survey your facility and put forth suggestions and protocols that ensure you stay clean and pest free. is your partner in the dirty world of kitchen and facility maintenance. We look forward to helping you any way we can.  You can call Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm 1-877-757-PROS (7767) or email us  It would be our pleasure to help you in any way we can