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Liquid Enzymes/Bacterial Digesters
If you have fruit flies, phorid flies, drain flies, moth flies (or any little fly) YOU NEED THIS!



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Our products are designed to keep your drain lines, floors, cracks in tiles, and under equipment clean reducing the ability for flies to lay eggs or find food in their maggot stage. The bacterial and enzymatic digesters break down the proteins, starches and sugars effectively "starving out" the maggots. This concentrated formula contains strains of natural bacteria and active enzymes. The special strains of bacteria are extremely effective at liquifying and digesting organic material. The active enzymes in this formual make it FAST ACTING! Regular use establishes growing colonies that work around the clock to keep plumbing lines, grease traps and septic systems operating properly. They crowd out undesirable bacteria ensuring elimination of odors as well. Can be used on all liquid-safe surfaces.

A safe non-toxic, non-acid, non-alkali treatment that...

  • Digests and Liquifies Organic Waste, Grease, and Food By-Products.
  • Is Non-Pathogenic and Non-Poluting.
  • Reduces Malodors
  • Can be used in Grease traps, on Hard Surfaces, under Kitchen Equipment, in Drain Lines, Wet Wells, Animal Pits, Floor Cleaning, Vomit Removal and Odor Elimination.

Dosage: Use product at end of the day when all cleaning is complete

Initially treat with 4 ounces every other day then reduce to three times per week: Kitchen sinks, Bathroom sinks, Mop sinks, Floor drains, Laundry sinks, Dishwashers.

Initially treat with 2 ounces every other day then reduce to three times per week: Bar sinks, Tap drains, Garbage Disposals

Spray directly at full concentration on areas where cleaning is not possible and organic material is creating odors and fly breeding.

We offer these products pre-mixed for your convenience.

We can supply everything from quart bottles to 55 gallon drums. You determine your need and we will fulfill it-at the lowest cost available to the public.

All products come with detailed instructions and MSD sheets. We can have the instructions printed in English & Spanish if you desire.

These are multipurpose digesters with instant odor control. These products are safe, non-toxic, non-alkali treatment that digests and liquifies organic material, grease and food by-products. This product is non-pathogenic and NON-POLLUTING and digests organic matter while eliminating bad odors. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the effectiveness of this product return the unused portion for a FULL REFUND!