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Vector Fly Lights


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Vector Classic


  • Captures flying insects by utilizing innovative and patented electronic pulse technology know as J-Tronics*.
  • Emits a low voltage pulse every eight seconds that stuns the insect, causing it to fall fully intact onto the glue board at the base of the unit
  • Two 15-watt ultraviolet lights
  • Pheromone enhanced glue boards for additional attractiveness


Vector Plasma Complete



    • Whitmire Micro-Gen developed the Vector Plasma as the brightest wall mounted trap on the market with the quickest catch rate.
    • The extruded aluminum construction is both durable and great looking.
    • The Vector Plasma is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive accounts and accounts with heavy fly pressure. Sensitive accounts with a zero olerance for flies will appreciate the quick catch stemming from the high UV output (72-watts). Accounts with high fly pressure will see quick relief and reap the benefits of two high-capacity black camouflaged glueboards





    Vector Plasma One

    Achieve maximum fly control with the narrow and sleek design of the Plasma One. This unit’s compact size delivers big fly attraction where wall space is limited. High quality and performance at a very competitive price.


    PT907 Glue Board w/ Pheremone 12/Box


    Vector Discreet Boards