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BugZip for Bed Bugs
With the rapid increase in bed bug infestations over the last few years, it has become more and more likely that bed bugs will crawl into your suitcase or clothes in the middle of the night when you are staying in a hotel, cruise ship, hospital or other travel destination. Since they only come out late at night, most people have no idea that they have brought them home until 3 months after the fact when a few bed bugs have multipled into a thousand and they now have a major pest control problem to deal with at home.

BugZip® is specially designed for advanced resistance to bed bugs. Diligently encasing all clothing, bags and belongings while traveling greatly reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home or from place to place. BugZip® is also a great resource for individuals and families whose homes are already infested. Use BugZip® to encase clean clothes and inside drawers to protect from bed bugs while you prepare for and live through treatment. All Bugzip® encasements are made of heavy-duty clear vinyl that resists tears and can easily hold large objects inside. The specially designed three-sided bed bug resistant zipper allows easy access to your clothes and belongings while zipping out bed bugs when they are on the move at night.

All BugZip® Encasements come flat folded in a 10x13x1 in. retail bag which fits nicely in most suitcase pockets during travel. BugZip® encasements are recommended for use in one location only. Bugs can be on the outside of the BugZip® and may be hard to see. Bringing a used BugZip® from place to place defeats the purpose of the product.

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