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Gardner Fly Lights

Gardner Products produces pest elimination equipment marketed through a nationwide network of distributors serving industries concerned with product quality protection.


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WS-85 Wall Sconce

The Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light is a decorative wall mounting fly trap that attracts and kills flies in restaurants, kitchens, offices and other living and working areas. The stylish design combines a V-shape wall sconce light and a hidden flying insect trap. 

From $115.00

FlyWeb Fly Light

The FlyWeb fly light is a compact insect light trap for indoors that plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet, bringing high-tech and effective fly control right to your home, office or restaurant. 


Trapple Fruit Fly Trap


Gardner's Trapple is designed as an attractive, decorative method of keeping your fruit fresh by eliminating the annoyance of fruit flies. With Trapple, only four quick, clean, easy steps are needed to capture and contain fruit flies in your home.



Complete Silence! No Annoying Sparks or Zapping Noise!! The MX-360 is the best portable adhesive light trap for flying insects made in the USA! The 160 watts of U.V light attraction and 385+ square inches of trapping surface combine to create the BEST trap for any sensitive area. Traps Flies from Both Front & Back


GT-180 Slimline

The Gardner GT-180 Slimline fly light trap is an attractive wall mounted fly light that is perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, food manufacturing plants, office buildings, deli's and bakeries and more.



The GT-200 light trap is the top rated adhesive light trap for flying insects made in the USA. The 80 watts of U.V. light attraction and 210+ sq. in. of trapping surface combine to create our BEST trap for any sensitive area. You can either wall mount at 3 - 6 feet above the floor or use as a portable trap on a shelf or tabletop.



The AG-961 Insect Electrocutor is a compact, yet powerful light trap for small areas where space is limited. It's 80 watts of U.V. light attraction is the highest available in a trap of this size. It is open on both sides for 360º visibility, and kills insects on a protected electric grid. Dead insects are contained in a removable drawer. The light can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted 3-6 feet high on a wall, or used as a portable tabletop trap.



Flying insects are electrocuted on an internal grid and then dropped into a removable capture tray.The removable drawer allows easy access for evaluation, identification, and disposal of flying insects.



The RG-1002 Insect Electrocutor is designed for wall or corner mount positions inside buildings with flying insect problems. The angled rear design of the RG-1002 allows the light trap to fit into tight corner locations.

When vertically mounted 1-2 feet above the floor, the 48" U.V. Insect Light shines just above the floor area where flying insects are most active.



If you have the need for some serious outdoor bug-stopping power, consider Gardner's Outdoor Commercial Electric Fly Zapper. This fly zapper is perfect for outdoor seating areas and venues, parking lots, outdoor markets and anywhere else where congregations of people will not want to be bothered by insects.



The AG-963 Insect Electrocutor is designed for small areas where a vertical light trap is the best choice. This corner/wall mount light trap is great for hallways and interior rooms where fly control is important. The AG-963 has a removable catch tray to contain dead insects for later evaluation, identification, and disposal. Install 3 - 6 feet high on the wall



The AG-241 Insect Electrocutor is useful as both a wall mount design and a ceiling suspended light trap. Shipping dock walls, warehouse ceilings, and hallway corridor ceilings are some of the locations where the AG-241 traps flying insects. The removable drawer allows easy access to evaluate, identify, and dispose of trapped insects.