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Vectothor Fly Control

VECTOTHOR Light Traps use cutting edge science to fly ahead of the competition! They utlitilize Long Life UV-A lamps, that need only be replaced ever two years and deliver nearly twice as much UV-A light as the nearest competition - and last twice as long!

Light Traps employ a Natural Contrast Grid to mimic the natural way light is broken up when it shines through trees. These lamps use an exclusive High Frequency Electronic Light Pulse that operates at 10,000 cycles per second; so flies see our light as a constant beam, just like natural sunlight.

The Vectothor offers Fly Count Software which enables fast counting of flies caught on the boards. In accord with HACCP principles this permits storage of historical data, trend analysis per location or client, and digital storage of the glueboard (which can be accessed later for further analysis)




Vecothor Kestrel - 25 Watt Glueboard Fly Trap - Covers 400 sqft - 2 Year Guarantee



Vecothor Flacon - 25 Watt Glueboard Fly Lamp - 2 Year Guarantee - 400 sqft Coverage

Discreet Use: Cafes, Offices, Restaurants, and Shops



Vecothor Osprey - 32 Watt Glueboad Fly Lamp - 900 sqft Coverage - 2 Year Guarantee

Discreet design for use in kitchens, hotels, food production areas, cafes, offices, restaurant, and shops



Vectothor Merlin- 17 Watt Glueboard Fly Lamp - 484 sqft Coverage - 2 Year Guarantee

Multi-link Design, designed for homes, offices, restaurants, and shops



Vecothor Sparrowhawk - 10 Watt Glueboard Fly Lamp - 1 Year Guarantee - 162 sqft Coverage

Discreet design for smaller offices, cafes, restaurants, and shops



Vectothor Peregrine - 49 Watt Glueboard Fly Lamp -  1,300 sqft Coverge - 2 Year Guarantee

Industrial/Large Commerical - Designed for the toughest condtions and most sever fly problems in kitchens, food production areas, and more



Vecothor Harrier - 70 Watt Glueboard Fly Lamp - 1,700 sqft coverage - 2 Year Guarantee

Rugged Design created for the toughest industrial uses, kitchens, food productiion areas, and more.


Kingfisher - Water-proof

Vecothor Kingfisher - 32 Watts Glueboard Fly Lamp - 2 Year Guarantee - 1,076 sqft Coverage

Ruggedly Designed for shops, restuarants, wet industrial environments and more.


Sea Eagle - Explosion Proof

Vecothor Sea Eagle - Explosion Proof - Glueboard Fly Light


Recommended for use in areas with a potential danger of a gas or dust explosion.